Harness the power of your data

Data driven decision processes have been consistenly shown to be more accurate, more measurable, and leading to higher profits.

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Data and modelling can improve every decision

Customers today are less tolerant of mass-market spamming. They now expect advertisements to be targeting and appropriate for them. By understanding their past behaviour and profiling, real-time offers can be made.

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Every industry needs to transform or be left behind

Every business in the world has data about their customers and their operations. The market leaders are developing methods to use this data to stimulate growth and understand potential risks.

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Learn more about analytics

Analytics is about more than reports. It is about better decisions: the customers to target, the optimal prices to maximise revenue, the frequency to refresh your forecasting methodology.

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Develop an analytics strategy

If you’ve heard the buzz about “analytics” but aren’t sure how it could relate to you, we can help you review your current capabilities and determine where analytics can give the biggest bang for buck.

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About Us

Who we are and what we do

We are a niche consultancy that specialises in advanced analytics. We have a team of highly skilled consultants, including several PhDs, who have years of experience helping companies make better decisions.

We are based in Australia, but also service the New Zealand market. We currently have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Wellington.

Advanced Analytics

Making smarter decisions with data

Advanced analytics goes beyond simple reporting. Understanding what has happened is important, but real benefits come from predicting what will happen in the future, and what the best decision could be under a range of scenarios.

We offer a brief capability assessment to assess where your processes and data are currently, and how analytics could be best utilised.

Our mission

Empiric Consulting intends to help business understand the benefits of analytics and help them develop analytical capability that provides competitive advantage in the modern environment.

David Woods Founder