Projects are when you have a specific goal in mind, and you need some expert help to get there. Get in touch to have a talk about any potential projects you have in mind. You don't need all the details worked out before talking with us - we can help figure out the scope and requirements with you.

Our approach to projects is to work with you the whole way, preferably on site with your team. Our clients tell us that one of the risks of engaging consultants is that often the process seems like a black box, where requirements and data go in, and a report comes out at the end. The final result often has a disconnect with how the business actually works, and ends up filed away without being implemented. We make sure this doesn't happen by taking an agile approach, communicating progress and discussing decisions as we go along, so that the result aligns with your business. If the situation or requirements change, so can what we're focusing on.

Projects can be either big or small, but we've found that a small initial pilot project can be a good first step. It allows you to test the benefits of our services in a limited way to establish trust. It also allows us to become more familiar with your systems and business so that we can more accurate in our planning. An incremental approach seems to work best - limit the scope and get a successful delivery, and then build on that. Check out our strategic services to learn how we can make you a roadmap.