Skilled resources can sometimes be hard to find. Empiric has a pool of contractors available for any length of project. All Empiric personnel are highly skilled, well trained, and extremely professional.

We understand that your resource needs vary throughout the year. Not every job requires a permanent employee, with all the responsibility and commitment that entails. Whether it is because you have a busy period, or some project that needs extra bodies, contractors can help fulfil that temporary demand. They can also provide an immediate solution to a resourcing problem if finding the right permanent person is proving difficult.

The advantage of contractors is that they are there when you require. When you no longer need them, they can go away, until next time. Any length of contract is ok, from a week to months, or even more than a year. Our people are pros, and can hit the ground running.

All of our people are talented and experienced, and we take care of quality and training to make sure they have the skills you need. We focus on advanced analytical and SAS skillsets, including data integration and business intelligence.