Our consultants are highly experienced problem solvers, and we find that the best way to start a relationship is usually a simple discussion. We can describe the types of things we’ve done in the past, and you can describe any particular issues you might be having, even if it’s just a feeling that you might be able to do things smarter. Whilst we are happy to work with you in whatever way suits you best, we usually think of our services as being grouped into three types: strategic services, projects, and providing contractors.

Strategic services

We think of strategic services as helping you figure out your current level of analytical capability, identifying areas where analytics can enhance your business, and developing a roadmap to get there. This can be a good way of establishing trust for an ongoing relationship.


If you have a specific problem you need solved or need insight in a particular area, our team is highly experienced at getting the results you want, and also making sure they are the results you need.


People that are fluent with data and results-focused can be hard to find. If your team needs to be augmented, short-term or long-term, we are able to provide highly skilled resources to meet your needs.