Join our team!

We’re hiring now. We have positions available at every level, from graduates to senior consultants. If you are smart and good with numbers we want to hear from you.

Empiric is small but growing, and we need to expand to keep up with the phenomenal demand for analytics. Every business in the world is starting to realise the value that data can provide, and that data is growing exponentially. The ability to model and interpret data is going to become one of the most sought-after skills, and Empiric will be at the forefront of providing it.

We only hire the best, most talented, and most confident analytics professionals. We then provide them with all the support and training they need to become the best at what they do. We are seeking those with a degree in a numerate field such as Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research, Econometrics, etc. Experience is a plus, but we are always keen to find talented graduates.

Here are a few reasons to work for us, rather than a generic global consulting company, or one particular business:

Great career development

Analytics is one of the hottest areas at the moment, and there is a global shortage of people who can handle data well. We only hire the best, who we believe have the potential to be top consultants, so we’ll push you as fast as you can go. If you’re up to it you could be working on projects for some of the largest companies in Australia. We don’t have a ladder to climb, so you don’t have to spend years as a junior if you can prove you can handle things yourself sooner.

Variety and challenge

The great thing about being a consultant is that there are always new exciting projects to be had. You don’t have to spend years getting bored at the same job, each new project brings something different to challenge you. Needless to say, this breadth of experience is also great for career development.

No bureaucracy

At Empiric we treat you like an adult, and a professional, and we expect you to act like one. At larger consulting companies it can take weeks just to get a desk or a phone sorted, with multiple layers of HR to go through. At Empiric, if you need something, you’ll get it straight away. We don’t play politics - we don’t have time. We’re too busy solving problems for clients. We usually work on site with a client, but otherwise you can work where you’re most comfortable.