Management Team

Empiric consists of a core team of consultants, and a wider network of talented resources throughout Australia and New Zealand that we can coordinate as necessary for projects. Listed here are the founders and management team, who have a leadership role in most current projects.

Graeme Gee

Graeme is the managing director of Empiric, and has over 10 years experience building and managing analytical consulting companies in New Zealand and Australia. Over that time he has forged a strong network of contacts, based on repeated successful delivery of projects and resources.

Dr David Woods

David has a deep understanding of data and how analytics can be applied in practice. He is adept at analysing an organisation’s analytical capabilities and developing strategies for enhancing that capacity.

With a PhD in Decision Science (Operations Research), David has a special interest in Optimization and Forecasting. His recent focus has been on the Electricity sector, where for the last few years he has been working with several large Australian companies.

Dr Don Forbes

Don is a very accomplished statistician and data miner who consistently delivers results above expectations. He has a passion for sports statistics and wagering systems, including a PhD in sports statistics.

Recently Don has been teaching a lot of courses for a variety of SAS products.