Our Strengths

Empiric is a niche consultancy, concentrating on advanced analytics. Our resources are highly qualified, and have years of experience in a range of industries. This enables us to bring deep insight and fresh ideas to any industry and project.

We can’t compete with the large global consulting firms in terms of scale, but we make up for this with focused quality, and several specific advantages that make us the ideal choice for guaranteed results.

Personal attention of the experts

Large consulting firms have some very capable, world-class, experts. Unfortunately, often you get to see these people only when a project is being sold to you and possibly to present the results at the end. The bulk of the work is farmed off to juniors, with “supervision”. This can result in a frustrating experience, but it is the only way that these large companies can service their clients, since experienced talent is hard to come by.

At Empiric, every project has one of the experts on site with you on a daily basis. Our top people are not only the ones designing strategy and planning a project, they are involved in all the decisions, and get their hands dirty with your data daily. Creativity is needed at each step of a project; you never know when a flash of insight born of experience will provide the answer, and this is the best way we’ve found to make sure that you get the results you need.

Knowledge transfer to you, not black box

The traditional consulting model is for the client to submit a project brief, and the consultants to go away for a few weeks or months, and then present a report. Unfortunately this often results in a very expensive waste of time. It can work, sometimes, but usually there is some misinterpretation of the requirements, or some critical piece of domain knowledge that the consultants weren’t aware of.

At Empiric we believe in working with you. Our experts spend much of the project on-site with you, so we have constant access to your domain knowledge, and we can constantly be checking our assumptions and getting feedback on how things are going. This means that we aren’t throwing a dart at a target, but instead guiding a missile to it. This goes hand-in-hand with our preference for an agile way of working - this means that we constantly deliver and refine results until they are providing the value you expect.

The traditional model works well for the big consultancies - after all, if they are a black box then to get any changes made, or to rerun a model, you need to kick off a whole new project and pay them again. We prefer to make lasting partnerships that transfer the knowledge and insights to you. If you need us again, we’d prefer it be to push the boundaries of what we’ve done together, working on something new and innovative. Of course we’re happy to guide and support you, but we don’t hold your IP hostage.

Experience from a wide range of domains

Because we are a small consultancy, our team gets experience working in a range of industries, solving many different problems. We believe this gives us an advantage that isn’t available when you “silo” knowledge based on industry. Of course every industry has its peculiarities, but in the end it comes down to manipulating data and problem modelling, and this is more of a general skill than you’d think. Techniques and lessons learned in one industry can sometimes have surprising application in another.

We will never know as much about your field as someone who has worked in it for 30 years, but again that can be a strength. It means we can have a fresh perspective. After all, your competitors are also doing what has been standard forever - the way to get an advantage on them is to try something different. And remember that we are working with you; we can draw on the depth of your industry knowledge and combine it with our analytical expertise and breadth of our experience.

Niche and advanced

At Empiric we make it a priority to constantly stay current with the state-of-the-art analytical techniques and applications. Several of our consultants have PhDs, with experience designing algorithms from scratch to solve novel problems. This means that we aren’t just mixing you a recipe out of the analytics cookbook, but constantly evaluating what techniques will best solve your problems, combining them in possibly novel ways, and even designing new methodologies.