Empiric Consulting provides analytical consulting and contracting services to companies in Australia and New Zealand.

The company was formed in 2009 by three people who had previously worked together at another analytics consultancy called Offlode. Offlode had been very well-regarded in the New Zealand market for 8 years prior to being acquired in 2009. Clients included some of the largest organisations in NZ: telecommunications companies, banks, utilities, insurance, and many government departments, as well as a number of smaller companies. After the acquisition three of the senior team members decided to branch out and continue, this time focusing mainly on Australia. Graeme Gee is the managing director, with Dr David Woods and Dr Don Forbes as principal consultants.

Empiric is a niche consultancy that concentrates on advanced analytics. Business Intelligence (BI) is primarily concerned with reporting; describing what has happened in the past. Business Analytics is more interested in what will happen in the future, and which of all the possible futures should be targeted. This involves activities such as forecasting, statistical modelling, predictive modelling, and optimization. We prefer and recommend SAS software, and are SAS alliance partners.